Olde Century Colours
The unique formulations and manufacturing process make Olde Century Colours one of the finest paint products for interiour and exteriour use.
-non fading
-covers in fewer coats than most paints
-completely washable
-These rich and vibrant 18th and 19th century reproduction colours are:
-low in VOC's
-available in oil based compliant finishes
period colors were intense as well as very bright in color and heavily pigmented. The early making of paint was always very thick and left a definite brush stroke in the painting process, which was called a ropey texture. Through the years most people have come to want the more smooth texture rather than this uneven look on their projects. The texture of Olde Century Colours paint still will leave a ropy appearance, but can be smoothed with an addition of water to the paint to thin it out.

The Paint is manufactured by batch with all pigment ground into the base giving the more intense color and better coverage, achieving a much better paint job. Like all things that are done by dye lot, this also applies to our product as well. All paint jobs to be done correctly and well, should make sure there is enough of the same dye lot before starting out on a job.
The Simulated Milk Paint is another product that is manufactured to emulate old Milk
Paint finishes, but is a ready mixed product and extremely easy to use, and best used over raw wood surfaces, and surfaces that will let the paint go into the fiber somewhat, rather than a primed surface.
The Company also offers a Gel Varnish and Stain product that is excellent for all Wood surfaces.

For more infotmation visit  www.oldecenturycolors.com
Wood craftsmen around the world have used BRIWAX to protect, restore and recondition fine furniture and antiques to their original “patina”, a finish which, before the BRIWAX blend, could only be duplicated by laborious hand rubbing.



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