About Us

Peter started in the coatings business in 1971 working for Lowe Bothers Paints, a division of Sherwin Williams. Since then,  Peter has worked mostly in the wood coating industry for several major manufacturers including Sico Paints and Chemcraft (now Akzo Nobel).

In 2001, Peter went on his own to form  Coatings Consultants working with IC and S coatings in the US to bring Ilva polyurethane finishes to Canada. Although at first skeptical of urethane finishes, it didn't take long for Peter to be convinced of the quality and durability of these finishes. 

One major advantage of urethanes is there is no residual formaldehyde gas in the finish, making it much safer for the consumer. From then on, Coatings consultants specialized in providing high end polyurethane and polyester wood finishes.

Along the way Peter expanded his business supplying the finest paints for various applications. After extensive research, he selected 
Olde Century Colours for his interior-exterior retail paint line,
ALCEA and Industrias OMAR for wood coatings and 
ALCEA Coatings for metal finishes.

Premium Finishes was
established to provide the best quality finishes and expert advice to his customers. Premium Finishes supplies finishes to the kitchen cabinet, store fixtures and millwork industries throughtout North America.

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